New Poet Poetry

New Poet Poetry: Aesthetic Concept, Orientation and structure
By: Rachmat Djoko Pradopo, Prof., Dr.
Articles in the Journal of Humanities Volume XIII, No. 1 / 2001
New Poet Poetry is the beginning of modern Indonesian poetry. To understand the modern Indonesian poetry and poetry after Indonesia as a whole, the study is important new poet poetry. This is due to works of literature, including poetry, not born in a cultural vacuum (Teeuw, 1980:11), including works of literature. In addition, literature was a response (answer) to the previous literature (Riffaterre via Teeuw, 1983:65).

Literary works, including poetry, poets created. Poets as a member of society is inseparable from society-cultural background and the historical society. Likewise, the new poet poet can not be separated from society-cultural background and the historical nation of Indonesia. New Poet Poetry (1920-1942) was born and developed at the time of the Indonesian nation demanding independence from Dutch colonialism. Therefore, it should be researched form of struggle, in addition to a form of social-cultural background.

To understand the poem in depth, as well as new poet poetry, should be investigated scientifically whole poem, both aesthetic and content structure contained therein. However, until now no studies that completely new poet poetry, systematic, and profound. Nature of existing research is impressionistic, namely the review only on the basics, without a detailed analysis, and also described briefly.

Poetry is a complex structure. Therefore, the new poet poetry study used structural semiotic theory and method. Literature is meaningful full structure and complex, there is a strong correlation between elements (coherent). Each element has a meaning of literary works in conjunction with other elements in it and the whole structure (Hawkes, 1978: 17-18). However, pure structuralism is only limited to the structure in the (inner structure) was alienating the relevance of literary historicity and social culture (Teeuw, 1983: 61). Therefore, in order to understand poetry very well and to get a fuller sense, the poem used to analyze the dynamic structuralism (Teeuw, 1983: 62), namely the structural analysis within the framework of semiotics. Literary work as a sign tied to the conventions of the society. Therefore, literature is inseparable from the history and background fabric of social culture that produced it, as has been decomposed above.

In addition, to understand the structure of the new poet poetry, have also previously known about the structure of poetry, namely Malays long poem by poem poet who responded to the New.