Zombie Jesuses tattoo-two sides of a coin

show the good and the bad side in the same tattoo then go for zombie Jesuses tattoo. They are like hell and heaven depicted in the same tattoo by inking a zombie and Jesus. The designs available for this tattoo are quite complex and show the dual side of the world.

zombie tattoo ideasOn one side there is death, unfinished business and devil while on the other side there is serenity, holiness and spirituality. People who firmly believe in supernatural powers opt for zombie Jesus tattoo.

zombie tattoo designsYou can make them colorful or ink it with simple black ink. Show your dual nature to the people with this zombie Jesuses tattoo designs.

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Urban Tattoo-Thrilling and Unique

urban tattoo designsurban tattoo imagesUrban tattoo has no particular style. It is a customized version of tattoo design that does not have any orthodox pattern; at the same time, urban tattoo can easily be called a trend setter.

The tattoo enthusiasts often mix unique frame of mind with the original idea and produce fantastic urban tattoo wherein the youngsters actually apply their creative ideas as per their desires – birds of feather tattoo, white ink tattoo, ghetto tattoo, pin-up girl tattoo, or gangsta tattoo are some famous urban tattoos.

The present example of urban tattoo is a timeless art. Inked on the right arm, this tattoo simply attracts thousands of nods.

cherry blossom tattoo stencil

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The Popularity of Your Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos have been of cultural significance for thousands of years. Nowadays, folks tend to select particular things much more than others as the subject of their tattoos. A single of your most well-known tattoo designs of today is the dragon tattoo.

Whenever you think about dragons, perhaps you only associate them with fantasy novels. Indeed it's true that some folks who are fans of the fantasy genre get dragon tattoos. Even so, the significance with the dragon tattoo far overrides the image that has been brought to us by Hollywood.

Bird Tattoos

tattoo designs
Bird tattoos have left their mark in practically every culture. In America, the eagle has made its way into many tattoos; however, there is, in fact, a different bird to represent every state in the country, and are often used to show regional pride. In Egyptian mythology the heron is said to be the creator of gods, goddesses, man and universe. Celticmythology tells of women transformed into swans, and in Jewish tradition, the dove is seen as a guide to the soul. These are but a few of the many stories, traditions and religious beliefs that feature birds.
One of the most popular bird tattoos is the swallow. This bird was originally used by sailors; they could represent anything from a successfully completed journey, to a protection of their souls on unpredictable waters. Later, >swallows become a kitschy image, and were used alongside things such as dice, nautical stars and musical notes. Today they are meant mostly as a symbol of freedom. They are usually seen in blues, yellows and reds; and are generally depicted in flight upon the shoulder blades, hands, hips or neck.
Cardinals are also widely featured in bird tattoos. These delicate and brightly colored birds
are said to be a symbol of happiness and vitality. The most widely recognized is the Northern cardinal, who is colored in a bold red hue burgundy wings, and a black mask on its face. However, there is the Yellow-green Grosbeak which — like its namesake — is an unusual hue of iridescent yellow and green, or the Blue Bunting who is similar in appearance to the Northern, save for its striking indigo hue. The cardinal can appear alone in your piece, or you may have a variety of cardinals, all flying in different directions.
Bird tattoos are generally rife with meaning of their own; however, you can apply your own
meaning as well. For instance, a parrot on your shoulder may be a sign of luck or protection, as it ‘watches out’ for you, and can whisper warnings in your ear. A canary may be a great design for a musician or singer, as they are known for their beautiful voices. A flamingo may be a sign of quirky personality, and kingfishers can be the symbol of a well practiced huntsman.
Whatever design or bird you choose, no matter what your reasoning may be, there is always one thing you can be certain of; your bird tattoos will be strong symbols of freedom and a connection to the sky above and the Earth below.

Phoenix Tattoos

tattoo designsPhoenix tattoos are said to be the ultimate sign of rebirth and eternal life. To the Greeks and Egyptians, this symbol represented the sun dying at the end of a day and rising in the morning to be reborn. The phoenix is also said to live for five hundred years, then goes to rest by building a nest which it sets aflame, the fire consuming both. After three days the phoenix will rise again from the ashes and begin anew. These tales have struck a cord with many people, and to express their new beginning — or ‘rising from the ashes — they decide to get a phoenix tattoo.
Phoenix tattoos are generally a rather considerable scale, encompassing large sections of the body such as the back, chest or wrapping around the leg or upper arm. There is a good reason for this, as most of these pieces are very detailed, and given that it is an expression of a new life beginning, it makes sense that these should make a powerful statement.
phoenix tattoosPhoenix tattoos are usually very colorful. Most will contain reds, yellows and oranges, as the phoenix is closely associated with fire and the sun. However, for a more unique look, some will use blues, purples, greens and tones of copper and gold. Less frequently, people will use blacks and grays, and only outline the massive wings and body of the phoenix.
Some of the most popular phoenix tattoos are seen with the sizable bird surrounded by fire. It can also be seen partially obscured and rising from its ashes, or bursting through the sun. A unique idea that can be used to symbolize the shift of days is having your phoenix surrounding the globe, its tail shadowing one end, and its face brightening the other.
Many also like to use the Egyptian phoenix. In early incarnations of this figure, the phoenix had the body of a man and the expansive wings of the phoenix. This image has changed over time, it became a wholly bird-like creature eventually, but the story has remained the same, and is seen in art as being immersed in flame so as to begin its transformation.
So whether you are beginning a new life, have survived troubled times and have become stronger for it, or the idea of such a masterful creature appeals to you, phoenix tattoos will always make for a beautiful and strong choice.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

A mythical bird which rose from the ashes, a phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. The enigma of this bird has mesmerized people for centuries. This mythical status entices many to visit a tattoo artist and engrave their body with a tribal phoenix tattoo design. Thousands have used tattoos to express themselves using their bodies as a canvas to showcase their beliefs. Tribal tattoos have been gaining in popularity recently with many opting to get a traditional design on themselves. One of the popular designs is the tribal phoenix bird tattoos. This is a good choice for a tattoo as the design allows the use of a wide range of colors. There are many great stories associated with the mythical phoenix bird, and the most talked about is the one in which the bird rises from its ashes to live forever.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoos

A bird with a colorful plumage and great will, the phoenix has made a mark in many ancient cultures like the Greek, Chinese and Persian. It is known as the fire bird because it was believed that the bird flew to the Sun and got fire on Earth. In ancient Greek art, you can see images of the bird with fire all around. Some even believed that the phoenix was the spirit of the Sun, and they worshiped it. Egyptians believed in the concept of afterlife and immortality, and were fascinated with the concept of a fire bird that represented the Sun God. The Egyptian variant of the phoenix bird was known as 'Bennu', which literally meant 'rise', and was symbolic of the rising and setting Sun. Let us take a look at some of the tribal phoenix bird tattoo designs.

Scorching Phoenix: Fire is very closely associated with this bird and many believed that the phoenix got fire to the earth from the sun. A design depicting the phoenix with fire on it's claws and colorful wings symbolic of life is a very interesting tribal phoenix tattoos design. You could add a personal touch to this design by showcasing the phoenix with it's fiery claws perched on a ledge or in flight across mountains. Use of bright colors like red, orange, and yellow, for the feathers and the flames can give your phoenix bird tattoo a unique look and feel.

Rising from Flames: A very graphic image of the phoenix rising from the flames is a great tattoo design to have on your body, it especially looks great as an upper arm tattoo and, on the shoulder region. The phoenix rising from the flames is symbolic of life's struggles and epitomizes the 'never give up attitude' that everyone desires. Long red and yellow flames at the base of the tattoo with a beautiful phoenix with blue and green plumage rising towards the sky is an awesome tattoo design. These tribal phoenix tattoo designs adorns the bodies of many people and if you wish to add a personal touch to this classic design you could show the phoenix rising in the back drop of mountains or gray clouds.

Wide Wing Span: One of the most widely used tribal phoenix tattoos design is the phoenix with it's wings spread wide and, in flight. You could let the tattoo artist have a free reign with the wings and can inculcate intricate shapes for wings. These free tribal phoenix tattoo designs can be used with great flexibility as you can have many color combination's for the wings. Some even like to use black shading to give the wings more density and depth. A variation that can give this design a personal connection is to have a long flowing tail for your bird. The Greek mythology gives an insight into the tribal phoenix tattoo meaning and according to them it is a fire bird and hence, they used gold and scarlet colors to depict the bird.

Tribal phoenix tattoo designs are finding their way onto the bodies of many people, and mostly because the bird is symbolic of hope and strength. The phoenix tattoo is so popular that stars of the famous girl band 'Spice Girls' Melanie C and Melanie Brown have phoenix tattoos on their back and shoulders.

By Indrajit Deshmukh

Feminine Body Piercing Tattoo

When you seek feminine tattoo ideas, it is necessary for you to remember an important aspect, feminine tattoos (like any other tattooing) should not hurry. You should never hurry to anything which will change your appearance, whether cosmetic surgery, body piercing or obtaining a tattoo, it is need for you to take time think of your decision. Many people all over the world awake each morning and see their tattoo and think “I make faults” .
People who spend time to select the fitting design, color and position for their tattoos never rue because they took time to make the choice correctly. To remove tattoo is a very long and painful process thus rue is something that you really don't wish for.
The Internet is full with feminine tattoo ideas, unluckily there are only a few places where you can download them and print them out to use them – don't bother about that at this moment, I carried out all the work for you so that you do not need to continue seeking, this is the way to find my first tattoo design.
If you have already had an idea, did you think about whether this will fit you with age? Importantly, when you become older some one the designs which people choose will not seem good in subsequent years. A lot of tattoos are unfading (because I like to put it) which means that while you have aged they will still suit your personality, symbols, tribal art, flowers, birds and such, these will still fit you when you get older.
You maybe have your own feminine tattoo ideas and if you are even slight reasonable at drawing a tattooist can remake it to obtain it right for you (spend high cost in certain cases). In this way you obtain this individual artwork which you wanted; if you decide to make your own design, ensure that you retain all the copies of work so that yours is sole.
Once you chose your design talk with your tattooist, it's always better to meet the person who will conduct work, this makes you feel much more at ease with them, particularly if you get tattooing on your chest or buttock. When you meet the tattooist that you should inquire about your tattoo design or position, please don't query them whether it will get hurt, they will stick needles in you to make tattoos – it certainly will injure a little.

Wedding Rings Tattoo

Tattoo Wedding Rings - The New Celebrity Trend

A tattooed wedding ring is a representative of solidity and commitment, a testament to love and a reminder for your responsibility as a wife. The tattooed wedding ring will say that you trust enough in the relationship to have a permanent symbol of it on your body. There are so many reasons to choose this type of wedding ring.

Adventurous couples choose tattooed wedding rings, as they are ever lasting. The permanence of a tattoo is a powerful symbol and reminder to persevere, and work things out. Some people go for tattooed wedding rings just to be modern or different from others. Some people opt for these type wedding rings as a placeholder until they can afford a real ring. Some others rebel against actual rings altogether, using tattoos as an alternative in lieu of diamond rings.

Still others choose tattooed rings as in their working place a real ring would be spoiled. When people are allergic to metals, they go for tattooed rings. Although the practice has been around for centuries, it has come again as trendy now.

Choosing a tattooed wedding ring:

Tattooed rings are much more a serious commitment and the selection of tattoo is a careful process. The tattooed wedding rings should be selected with great care as once selected cannot be changed according to the change in taste often. There are so many options in designs to choose from like the literal option of getting a ring design tattooed on their fingers, the first name, the nick name, initials of their loved ones, an image with great sentimental value, and the date on which they met or any secret code only the couples can understand.

The disadvantage of tattooed wedding bands is it never goes off and if the relationship dissolves, it's mentally and emotionally painful to live with the ring and physically painful to get rid of it. There are means and ways to get rid of these tattoos.

Standard laser tattoo removal ranges from $1,500 to $3000 and can take up to two years. According to Tattoo artist Lisa Fasula, there was a great increase in tattooed wedding rings few years ago and now there is a great increase in tattoo erasing as the relationships ended. Might be the tattoos are more permanent than the marriages.

Some celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Nick Carter and Paris Hilton have sealed their love in ink under the skin.

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