Hottest Spots For Female Tattoos

Women nowadays find it sexier if they have a tattoo. Not only because of its deeper reflection of their personality but because it is now more acceptable as part of the female fashions. But the big question now is where to put your perfect design which will make it sexier. The most common location for female tattoos is their lower backs. So this article will not consider this location anymore so as not to promote stereotype suggestions. Having a tattoo is one of the hardest things that any women can get through, so it is best to make it the most unique design that is perfect for you in one of these sexy locations. of the Neck - The nape of the neck is a very provocative area of a female body. Structured to have billions of nerve endings makes it the more sensual zone. Japanese Geisha wore white make up on their faces but they leave the natural beauty of their hind neck because of its provocative power. Many of our clothing designs do not really show this philosophy but its sex appeal can never be denied. back - As contrary to the lower back as the most common place for women tattoos, the center of the upper back over the spine, or shifted to the side over one shoulder blade, is a great haven for tattoo. It's a great place for your tattoo because it can easily be shown off with a tank top or makes it look mysterious by putting on a T-shirt. - This is obviously the sex symbol of any female body, and there is no need for some explanations. Female hips possess a remarkable and sensual curve which can be a new manifestation of your lower back tattoo. It is also versatile because you may opt to choose having your tattoo over one hip or you can choose both. - Wrist tattoos are still relatively rare. Having neglected for a long time as a perfect place for your tattoo, you can draw attention from other people if they see a piece of artwork in your wrist. It symbolizes your carefree liberality, confidence and independence. Though having a wrist tattoo is a good suggestion, you still have to think and think again because its visibility might be a problem especially if you want to conceal it at work. Thigh - This is also another sexy part of a woman's body. As a sort of trivia, the thigh is also the least painful area for a female tattoo. Thigh tattoos are simple to cover up and do not require a lot of efforts. Another funny thing about inner thigh tattoos is that any type of clothes usually hides it so it will just be uncovered by any intimate circumstances. So the uncovered secret of having an inner thigh tattoo between you and the person intimately close to you is sexy it itself. - Even if it is considered to be one of the most painful areas for a tattoo, it is still one of the mostly suggested areas because of its unusual appeal. It is also interesting, and easy to cover when necessary. Any tattoo design at the side can accentuates any women's curves and elongated shapes at the side of the ribcage. course everyone has a different perception of what makes a tattoo attractive. It is up to them to decide where and it is up to them to discover the craze.
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