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back for women

Lower back: lower back female tattoos are very popular for several reasons. First, it's a very feminine and sexy spot to have a tattoo. It doesn't usually show, but can be ‘flashed’ as the woman bends over. Catching a glimpse of a lower back tattoo on a woman, you almost get the feeling that you’re seeing something you shouldn't be – very tantalizing!

Ex Tattoo 2

perfect tattoo design s for lower back with heart lower back tattoos for women

Ex Tattoo 2female tribal heart lower back tattoos-temporary tattoo designs for lower back-popular tattoo spots for women and girls

Ex Tattoo 2lower back name tattoos for women

Ex Tattoo 2cute lower back tattoos for women ang girls-star lower back tattoos for girls-best tattoo designs for lower back tattoos

Ex Tattoo 2small lower back flower tattoos are a popular choice for women especially on the lower back.tribal flower tattoos perfect tattoo designs for lower back.this designs especially designed to get a sexy tattoo places for women.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

We started to see lower back tattoos about 20 years ago, when girls and women stumbled onto the new location as a way to show their femininity and express them selves. They are easy to show off and really make a statement on an otherwise blank and broad expanse of skin. There is no end to the supply of cute lower back tattoos that you can choose from when you want your next tattoo.

Many celebrities use tattoos to show their personality to the world. Brandy sports a lotus flower, Angelina
Jolie has a Bengal tiger, Britney Spears wears a fairy tattoo, and Aaliyah had a dove on her lower back. The list goes on, and I'm sure you've probably seen tattoos in this location your self while out and about. It's been estimated that 20% of women now have lower back tattoos. They are an extremely popular choice.

Tribal designs usually lend themselves well to the natural flow of the female backside. Many are direct copies of ones that are authentically used to ritually tattoo clan members for tradition, religious reasons, or superstitions. Many tribal tattoos either feature or symbolize a mythical creature or god, and can be quite empowering to have featured on your own body.

Butterfly tattoos have always been a popular choice among girls and women because of their colorful beauty. The elegance of an intricate little butterfly is such a symbol of femininity that it seems natural to use it as a perfect design for a tattoo. Tattooing a butterfly on your back is such a cute tattoo, and the color motif you choose individualizes your design. It's quite likely that no one will have a butterfly tattoo quite like yours.

And finally, a word about the pain involved in a lower back tattoo. Getting a big needle stuck into your skin over and over is naturally going to be a little unpleasant, but this is one of the most painful locations you could choose. Because of its close proximity with the spine, you might have a hard time gritting your teeth. Another disadvantage of this location is the price. Since they are generally larger and require more ink, they are usually one of the more expensive tattoos to get. But when all is said and done, if you're happy with the tat you've got then it was all worth it.

cross flowers designs,croos Tattoo,exstremstattoos.blogspot.comcross tattoos with small flower tattoo

for lower back-cute and sexy tattoo designs

Cross Tattoo Galleries

Cross Tattoo Galleries

There are Cross Tattoo Galleries, which exclusively offer the customers with Cross Tattoos. Cross Tattoos are religious symbols and so the Cross Tattoo Galleries make the Cross Tattoos in such a way that they do not look vulgar! The Cross Tattoo Galleries offer wide range of Cross Tattoo designs, thus one can get make choice. For getting good quality Cross Tattoos one should always visit reputable Cross

Good Cross Tattoo Galleries offer the customers with the photos or flash of all their Cross Tattoo designs. With them the Cross Tattoo Galleries make it easy on the part of the customers to select from a design. Some of the popular designs of Cross Tattoos offered by good Cross Tattoo Galleries include Latin Cross Tattoos, Cross of Triumph Tattoos and Anchor Cross Tattoos

Japanese Back Tattoo Designs History

Japanese tattoo is called irezumi or horimono in Japanese. In Japan, tattoo is usually considered to be a symbol of a yakuza (Japanese mafia) and tends to be perceived negatively by people. For example, many public bath facilities in Japan inhibit customers who have tattoos from entering. Traditional Japanese tattoo covers arms, shoulders, and the back. In recent years, it's becoming popular for Japanese young people to get contemporary tattoos.

Japanese Back Tattoo Designs History

Japanese Back women Tattoo Designs

The history of Japanese tattoos goes way back - they have been around for many, many years. This doesn’t mean however that they are necessary the right ones for you. You see there’s a catch with these tattoos. They’re very big, often covering the entire back, they are awfully expensive and they come in their own flavors, inspired by the Japanese culture.

The sad fact is that you will not find a tattoo parlor in the yellow pages who can make such incredible artwork. This tattoo requires a Japanese artist, but anyway a trip to Japan might be worth the trouble.

There is another catch. This is not the sort of tattoo to show off to your friends. Japanese are way more subtle than this. They are supposed to be shown only to your girlfriend or boyfriend, or occasionally to the local Yakuza mob. Yep you are reading right, this is what subtlety is in Japan, I have heard that they are still working on it. Nobody gets it right in the first place you know? Also these tattoos will hurt… a lot, because they are still doing the whole damn thing manually, so for every dot of the tattoo expect a needle expertly inserted in your skin, that if you’re lucky of course and through the expert hand there isn’t some sake flowing.