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Tribal Tattoo Design
The single most requested tattoo designs. Most popular tribal designs are Maori, Haida and Polynesian designs. There is also great interest in Native American tattoo designs. The term "tribal" of course covers an astonishing array of tattoo design possibilities, from the traditional tribal tattoos of indigenous and aboriginal cultures, to the latest in graphic design for the body.

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Tribal Tattoos Photo Gallery

Tribal Tattoo Gallery

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoos are amazing, I love them. Research has shown that nearly 1 in 90 people have at least one butterfly tattoo. There are many designs to choose from, giving people a chance to be creative. Below, we will take a look at some of the most popular tattoo designs.
Tribal tattoos are popular as butterflies. They have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and they are always evolving and becoming more and more complex with their designs and styles. Tribal tattoos can either be the traditional black style that cover the arms and the legs or the more colorful styles that can cover every area of the body. The colorful, more modern look is becoming more and more popular when compared to other styles.

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Beautiful Heart Tattoos

Beautiful Heart TattooThe heart abounds in America. In Western world, it has come to symbolize togetherness and love - especially love of the romantic or erotic variety. However, this is hardly a universal interpretation. The heart design has many different meanings and for those of us who choose to wear one the personal meaning is as varied as the personality of the individual who makes it their choice for a tattoo.

Heart Tattoos For Girls

Heart Tattoos For Women

Women Heart Tattoos

Angel Tattoo Design

Angel Tattoo Design Represent Spirituality

Angel tattoos usually represent spirituality, love or the protection of God. As a memorial design, angel tattoos can also be a symbol of the love and connection one feels with the loss of a loved one. In loving memory tattoos often incorporate angels or angel wings within the overall design.

Angel Tattoo Design

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buterfly tattoos hotest in back bound

buterfly tattoos hotest in back boundsexy beutyful tattoos
buterfly tattoos hotest in back bound
More accepted boom is a buuterfly tattoo. Butterfly tattoos are one of the hottest boom designs for women today. In actuality based on the chase aggregate of keywords butterfly tattoos are appropriate up in the top best requested designs for women. So you may be apprehensive why so abundant absorption is accustomed to butterfly tattoos right? Well back you anticipate about it makes absolute sense. Butterfly tattoos are accepted for a array of reasons. Admirable Collywobbles For starters collywobbles are aloof beautiful. They are one of the prettiest insects in attributes with their aerial wings and ablaze colors! They accomplish a abundant accountable for tattoos because of their colors and brilliance. It is the absolute bout to the advanced array of admirable boom inks.

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sexy geisha tattoo
tattoos design japanis geisha
geisha tattoo design beuty


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fairy tatto design
fairy and fantasy tatto design

Rosary Tattoos

Rosary Tattoos
Depicted in the picture is the perfect example of a rosary tattoo. It’s a wonderful way to express your faith or show your devotion to your church. But, how much do we really know about the rosary? I would venture that most people, even those who get rosary tattoos, know very little about this religious symbol. The Rosary is the tradition filled essence of Christian devotion in which vocal and mental prayer unite the whole person in effective and purposeful meditation on the central mysteries of Christian belief. The Rosary thus joins the human race to God through Mary whom God chose from all time for the specific purposes of mother and intercessor. Each bead in the rosary is prayed upon until the entire series is completed. It is a practice that started in the middle ages and continues to be practiced today. So, if your one of the faithful or you simple want to show your devotion to your religion then a rosary tattoo might be just what your looking for. The rosary tattoo can also be utilized to memorialize a person who has passed away as well. Try adding in lettering or other religious symbols to further personalize it to your specific needs and ideals.
Rosary Tattoos
Here’s a person with one of those rosary tattoos that appears almost as if the person was wearing a real rosary on their arm. After all that is what you would think if you saw this one from just a ten or so feet away. At first glance you would assume it was a real rosary and only with a closer look would your realize that his person was actually wearing nothing more than some ink on their skin.

This is one of rosary tattoos that has what would be the beads of the rosary wrapped around this persons arm two times which really gives the illusion of it being a real rosary holding up its cross. But the cross is just a bit out of place, being a Celtic type of iron cross it is not one you would usually see on a rosary but I certainly imagine it could be. I know very little about organized religion so I can’t answer those things. What I do know is seeing that type of cross on a rosary is uncommon, that’s all. Is you ever think of getting one of these rosary tattoos just pick one that matches a rosary you would carry and you can’t go wrong.

Leo Tattoos

Leo Tattoos
This leo tattoo glyph is just one example of a Zodiac tattoo that you can get if you are born under this sun sign. You can choose your Leo tattoos from among various representations of Leo. You can choose the mane of a lion, the elemental sign of Leo, which is fire by the way or the ruling planet of leo which just happens to be not a planet at all, but the sun, source of Earth’s heat and light. This leo tattoo actually combines the glyph with the fire element. Now all this person has to do is to put a little sun up above it, to complete the entire theme. No matter what leo tattoo you choose, you need to keep two thing in mind. One, your sign governs your destiny. And two, with your leo tattoo, you also declare that you are bent upon getting results of your actions, and in that regard you always come out as a winner. So, choose a design that not only reflects your personality but also shows your pride in your unique sun sign. And for goodness sake spice it up a bit will you? And may the stars be with you.
Leo Tattoos
This is a good representation of one of the leo tattoos available out there. It is a very well done, and very well detailed. It’s the face of a male lion and looking right at us, as if it means business. Not meaning it is going to attack, but certainly saying you’d better not mess with me, just keep walking. And anybody who doesn’t listen might just be a fool. Either that or a lion slayer. Anyone getting one of these leo tattoos is most likely getting it because Leo is their astrological sign. And in as much as that is true, the meaning behind it is that this person most likely feels very strong and always wants to take charge of any and all situations. I am a Leo so I know these things to be true, but as far as how they relate to this tattoo, that’s just a guess.

One of the strangest things about being a Leo is that even when you do not consider yourself the strongest or toughest, you still try to take charge all of the time and most of the time it works, whether you have any leo tattoos on you or not. For some reason people have a tendency to relinquish controls of things to other people who have the courage to step up and take those controls.

Heart tattoos For Girl

wide varieties of tattoos


symbol of feminine

Heart tattoo designs are one of the most popular choices of people all over the world. You can also attach several meanings and symbolism with this heart tattoo design. The heart tattoo designs used for showing different kind of symbolism such as religion, love and other type of beliefs.

The heart tattoo designs easily signify love or romance that matches with the feelings of heart perfectly. Some people also entwine tattoo by making a heart design with flowers or roses for the purpose of signifying deeper romance.

The heart tattoo designs look like inverted triangle and easily able to symbolize public triangle which is considered as universal symbol of feminine.

The heart tattoo designs are getting popular worldwide among the young generation. Teenagers love to create heart tattoo designs on special occasions such as Valentines Day as a token to their loved ones.

Angelina's tattoo

There are wide varieties available in terms of color at the time of creating heart tattoo designs apart from red color. Each color reflects different type of symbolism's in the form of heart tattoo. Some people also prefer to wear heart tattoo designs to symbolize the feeling of faith.

The image of the sacred heart is also very popular as heart tattoo designs along with creation of image such as Jesus Mary. The image of the Jesus Mary can be crowned or pierced with the use of thorns with a radiating light emanating from it. Emotional expression, romantic bonds, courage and friendship are the most popular form of expressions in heart design tattoos.

Lady Gaga tattoos

Lil Wayne Tattoos

Lil Wayne Tattoos
Lil Wayne’s tattoos have always been a topic of great debate among his many fans, he has so many of them that it would be very difficult to describe them all in the space here. Since this is the case I am going to focus on the most obvious ones, the ones which are found on his face and mouth. One of his most controversial tattoos are the teardrops underneath his eyes. Now, in prison, teardrops usually mean that you have murdered someone. But, I think there is a different reason for this Lil Wayne tattoo. I think they represent three of his close friends who have died. Since he has two tear drops below one of his eyes and one tear below the other eye they probably relate to two separate instances when his loved ones died. Other Lil Wayne tattoos on his face include designs which are placed on his eye lids which together read "Fear God". He also has a letter "C" tattooed right in between his eyebrows, some people say that it stands for Carter which is his last name, right above that "C" there is a cross that indicates that he believes in God.

Basketball Tattoos

Basketball Tattoos
Sport tattoos have always enjoyed a certain amount of popularity. Whether the sport is baseball, hockey or soccer fans have always wanted to represent the game they love so much. And the styles and options available to the common sports fan are almost unlimited. Take this basketball tattoo for instance. The bearer has decided to represent the sport by having a basketball and hoop design inked into his skin. A nice touch to this basketball tattoo is the the slogan "NBA” imprinted on the ball. I like the design but I think that it could use a little splash of color. I would have at least had the ball shaded a nice bright orange or brown. Other basketball tattoos that could have been done include the portraits of individual ball players, specific team names and I have even seen a large tattoo of a basketball court. So, if your a fan of the sport then you might want to dream up a unique basketball tattoo of your own. Then you can proudly represent the game that you love and let every one know that you are a die hard fan. Imagine yourself going to your next game and showing off that beautiful basketball tattoo.
Basketball Tattoos
If your a sports fan you know how important it is support your favorite team. And it’s even more important for you to support the game itself. Whether it’s baseball, hockey or football that your a fan of then a well placed tattoo can show your loyalty to the sport. Take the basketball tattoo in the picture. It’s a wonderful design of a star with a basketball in the center of it. It’s well designed and shows that the bearer is a true fan of the sport. But, what really impresses me is the coloring of the basketball. Very genuine and it makes it look even more like a basketball. The bearer of this basketball tattoo can also add other elements to this design to make it pop even more. They could consider adding a basketball hoop, the name of their favorite team or even the numbers of their favorite ball players jersey. The options here are only limited by one’s own imagination. So, if your a fan of basketball and want to show your dedication to the game then you might want to consider getting a basketball tattoo. It’s something that can be worked into most tattoo design motifs.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo
The art of the celtic cross tattoo dates back thousands of years when the early Celts showed an amazing talent for metal working and craftsmanship of all kinds. The celtic cross tattoo is usually made up of several of what are called celtic knots, which are never-ending loops and circles which are meant to symbolize the cycles of reincarnation and death. The never-ending loops and circles also stood for the physical as well as the spiritual and represented the permanence of love, life and very often faith.

The typical theory of people from North America is that they will wear a celtic cross tattoo as a way of remembering their descent, but I say that for the most part that is probably not true. Most people who get a tattoo are younger people and they do it because they like the way the tattoo looks and not for anything having to do with their lineage. Maybe when they get older they will claim that, but when they were young and got the celtic cross tattoo, I think they were simply being impulsive, with no hidden meaning what so ever. There are lots of very cool designs of Celtic Crosses out there so shop carefully before choosing yours.

Celtic Cross Tattoo
This tattoo almost has a tribal feeling with the geometic designs they used, look at the patterns repeat themselves until you have a very complex design. I like the feeling this celtic cross tattoo presents when you look at it. I like the spiral effects the design gives off when viewed up close. You will notice on this celtic cross tattoo it has a some what religious feeling about it. The cross and the jewels remind me of a crown symbol of sorts. If you notice the weaving of the curls it makes this celtic cross tattoo look like it is for the common man and not of royalty. I believe this style of celtic goes back to the 8th or 9th century when celtic designs were used very often through out most of old europe.

I have a celtic cross tattoo on the back of my right leg. I have always felt anything celtic gave off the feeling of love and admiration to another. I like this tattoo a lot, probably better than the one I have on my leg. I might have to do another on my other leg and try to use some of this design to better it this time around.