Writing Skill

The correlation between writing skill and grammar mastery of the third semester at unisma
do students who expert in writing skill also expert in grammar mastery?
grammar is part of the English. the function of grammar in  
English is  as a main language component for four skill (listening reading speaking and writing) in formal situation if people want to say something people need grammar to make our conversation understandable in writing people also need grammar to make  a good sentence. thus, it is impossible for us to study a language without mastering grammar. in any language people need a grammar to study the language. Veit (1986: 1) said the grammar is simply the language knowledge. whatever your brain knows that allows you to use language we will call your  grammar.

talking about writing as an impotent skill in learning a foreign  language, writing will give us some advantages in speaking. it will give use time to express our ideas clearly, in order to make the readers understanding about what we went to convey for them. Heffernan and Lincoln (1982:4) say that writing gives you time to think, to try out your ideas on paper, to choose your words, to read that you have writing, to rethink, revise and arrange it, and the most important in considering its effect on the reader, to including writing in learning is not only because writing is a meaning communication but also important in stimulation students thinking skill. Raimes (1983:3 ) states that writing could help our students learn. by doing writing, student can reinforce what they have studied, they also have a change to be adventurous with the language,  and they necessarily become very involved with the new language.     

English tenses
modal auxiliary  and similarly expressions

Research hypothesis (H1)
There is a positive correlation between students’ writing skill and grammar mastery
     Null hypothesis (H0)
There is no correlation between students’   writing skill and grammar mastery

        6.. it is important both for  English teacher and for students 
for teacher : teacher are able to find the ropiate teqniues to increase writing skill and grammer mastery
for student :  students have good way to understand the lesson
dependent variable : writing skill 
Independent variable; grammar mastery
Quantitative approach, correlation method.
third semefter of unisma, from population, the researcher take samle trough random sampling, because the student more than 100 students 
 all the second grade students will be observed.
Students mid term test. (documentation),
questioner s
using Person product moment
Testing and comparing the value of the coefficient correlation (calculated r) from the data analysis with the value of r (critical r) in table at .05 level of significance to know whether it is correlate significantly or not.