Wiz Khalifa Tattoos in Concert

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos in Concert

I attended a Wiz Khalifa show
in Washington,DC and it was awesome.
The spot was really small
and it allowed fans to get meet
& greet with the artist,
so I saw it as my chance to bag Wiz.
I finally had my chance,
and though it was brief,
I managed to give my number
to a member of his entourage[Kev].

I told him to give Wiz my number,
and he shot me a look that said,
"b*tch please!" I left
the club thinking I blew
my chance to chill and
hang with the Taylor Gang,
about an hour later
my cell phone rings and
its an unknown number
so I answered.
It was Kev asking me
to meet up with him at
a hotel near the airport.
I only lived about
20 minutes away,
so I hopped in my car
and was on my way.

When I arrived to the hotel
I stood out there for about 30 minutes
and my phone rang
and it was Kev wondering where I was.
I told him downstairs,
and he said he'd come get me.
He eventually came down
and escorted me up to
the suite Wiz stayed in.
We all sat around the suite drinking
Seagrams gin and they smoked out of a bong.
Wiz asked if I knew how to roll & do I smoke?
I told him no I dont smoke, but yes I know how to roll.

He tossed a bag of weed
and gave me some papers to roll with.
I rolled for them and they continued to smoke.
An hour went by and I was feeling
the liquor so I started dancing on the bed.
My clothes started coming off
and by this time all eyes were on me.
I did some sexy dances,
twirled my hips and made my ass clap for them.
I kept my eyes on Wiz,
so he knew I wanted to fuck him right [then and there].

I guess Kev took the hint because
he left out the suite while
I was still dancing and Wiz stayed
in his seat eyes glued to my body.
I hopped off the bed moved closer to him
and finished my dance.
He put his hands on my breasts,
unsnapped my bra and began sucking them.
I sat in his lap while he went to work
and I could feel his d*ck get hard.
Moving my ass on his hard d*ck,
turned him on even more,
he pulled my panties to the side
and fingered my p*ssy.

I was wet from the time I came in the suite,
so by this time I was gushing.
He moved his fingers,in and out [and] I'm moaning in his ear.
I got up,went between his legs,
pulling his d*ck through his jeans
and started licking on it.
Once I got my groove,
I sucked him so good making slurping
sounds he loved every minute of it.
He stood up, pulled his jeans down
and I finished sucking him off.
Grabbing a condom from his pants
he let me put it on him and
bent me over so he could hit it from behind.
For him to be as small as he is,
he had a nice d*ck size.

He stroked and stroked,and I instantly came. He went faster, [and] I'm throwing it back on him as though I was some kind of pornstar. He stroked a few more times,then I climbed on top of him and [started riding] his d*ck. We didn't kiss or anything,but he sucked and caressed by breasts as I rode him. He groaned & closed his eyes,I knew he was feeling it. And before he came I got off his d*ck,and sucked him until he came in my mouth.Once he came he laid there for a few minutes and I went in the bathroom to get myself together. I came back out and he was lighting his J. I told him I appreciated the evening,and he said the pleasure was all his. He slapped my ass as I walked out the door.