Tattoos Olla Ramlan

Although tattoos are not new as his body decoration, the artist Olla Ramlan still want to talk about his 12 tattoos.
"This tattoo has long yes, I like tattoos since the age of 17 years," says Olla, who become guest presenter Strikes television music show on Friday (01/10/2010) on RCTI Studio, Jakarta.

While at the studio, he was wearing a plaid shirt and white long sleeved rolled up. Therefore, seen some tattoo, either in the right hand or on his left hand. Especially, the rather striking are the Arab-language tattoos that adorn his right wrist. "It's in Arabic, namely Tis A Asr. That's my mother's name, which means in Arabic numbers 9 and 10," explained Cynthia Ramlan this artist's brother.
At first, he confessed, he did not want to talk to family about his penchant to have tattoos on various limbs. "I was originally going to say to Mama's baseball and my father that I wear a tattoo. And so she (Mama) baseball nagging, I made a tattoo wear name My mama, My mama do these names," he said, smiling.

Of the 12 tattoos that have been engraved on his body, he admitted all, there is his father's name tattooed on one of his limbs. "I also have my father name tattooed on my body. Initials MR. Therefore, I fit into my father said, 'Sir, I'm tattooed, you know', she's just quiet aja, baseball react," explained Olla.
Not only the name of the mother and father, Olla also tattooed the name of her husband, Alex Tian. However, where it is? "There's my husband's name, a circular from the waist until your back. What is clear, I have long liked the tattoo," Olla said closing the conversation.
Clearly, the tattoos will be carved on his body to the people closest to it deems important in his life.