Wiz Khalifa Live In Ottawa

wiz khalifa ottawa

Here are some great pics of Wiz Khalifa performing in Ottawa. Hit the jump to see the rest of the pictures from the Waken Baken Tour stop.  Shout out to Oxyrotin for the pics.

WIiz Khalifa Performs In Madison,

wiz khalifa at orpheum theatreStanding in line outside the Orpheum Theatre Friday night, you could see the support and buzz Wiz Khalifa has been creating for himself. With his last  major album drop almost a year ago, many wonder how the boy Young Wiz is selling out show after show. Waiting in line for over 2 hours, the line started to grow over two street blocks filled with Taylor Gang fans. People were selling extra tickets for nearly 4xs the original price, and these Taylors were eating it up for the chance to see Wiz Khalifa. It won’t be long until Wiz Khalifa will need to be having his concerts in arenas other than smaller venues.Yelawolf came out with a high energy performance. Most everyone was there for Wiz, but Yelawolf rockin pajama pants, Jordans, and a purple hoody knew exactly how to get the crowd into it. He played “Mixing Up The Medicine” after a few tracks, and that’s when everyone started throwing their hands up. He finished with his latest hit “Pop The Trunk” taking off his shirt and showing all his tats.
DJ Bonix came out and anyone that was sitting down immediately stood up. He dropped the “Super High” Remix, and after Curren$y’s verse, Wiz Khalifa came out puffing on a paper plane and threw it into the crowd before he started spitting his verse. He jumped right into the upbeat “The Thrill” and the crowd let out a scream and bounced up and down, throwing up their hands in rhythm with Wiz. After that he introduced the Taylor Gang and explained the art of Waken Baken, which is the formula to his day, Kush & Orange Juice-the title of his most recent mixtape. He ran through numerous tracks off this highly successful mixtape and then asked “What would I be, if I didn’t play something for the real weed smokers” and busted out “Still Blazin”, at this point there were more joints lit up in the audience then a Snoop Dogg concert. I’m almost positive the people on the second level, caught the second hand high from the kush smoke. At one point a fan threw a bottle on stage and hit one of the Taylor Gang members, he picked it up and you could tell he wasn’t happy. But Wiz was quick to keep things under control and grabbed the bottle from him, only to announce “It’s alright everybody, theres just a doobie in it. Be careful ya’ll almost hit me in the head” then he laughed his famous stoner laugh. Next Wiz Khalifa jumped into some of his more classic joints “Smoker Face”, “Dreamer”, “Ink My Whole Body”. Wiz put on a great performance and from the beginning you could tell he really cared about his fans, and gave them what they wanted. It’s clear Wiz has a solid fan base that loves his music and loves his performance and the way he talked to the crowd, laughed, and said , “Mad Town is great”,  made it seem he was just as happy to be there.
Wiz Khalifa is really starting to see the success from all his years of hard work, talent, and dedication to his fans. The effort he puts in to his music, performances, and keeping those Taylors happy is really what sets Wiz Khalifa apart from your traditional rapper, and what will keep him around as one of the kings in this new era of the hip-hop game.
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