Cool Tattoo for Men

Why Guy "Cool, tattooed" crazy lady?
Cool or calm kind of guy that many steals the hearts of the women. That fact can not be denied, especially when the scientists can explain why it happened.
Research on what makes a man crazy women are often focused only on the testosterone factor. This is because testosterone is always associated with masculinity such as a large jaw or eyebrows heavier, and usually associated with long-term health is better. Initially, the reasons it makes sense because from the point of evolution, women are attracted to men with high testosterone levels.
However, recent studies reveal, men with high testosterone levels do not automatically attract the ladies. There is the Eve that assess men with high testosterone laden will be long-term weakness. For example, relatively non-macho man faithful to the spouse or parent may also be bad.
This was reinforced by research Fhionna Moore, a Human Behavior ecologists from the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, which focuses on stress hormone or cortisol. According Fhionna, high hormone cortisol can also suppress the immune system, even the function of reproduction.
Thus, it can be concluded that it would make sense if women prefer men with low cortisol levels - ie, they are not easily stressed.
Type "cool" a lot of targeted
Moore's research the 39 male students from the same university. Students' levels of cortisol and testosterone were measured through saliva samples collected. Next, the researchers asked 42 female students from different universities to assess the immediate attractiveness, masculinity and health of male college students based on the photograph.
As a result, male students with low cortisol levels are considered more attractive than those with high cortisol levels. While testosterone levels are not related to attractiveness, masculinity or health.
For more complex studies, the scientists took pictures 39 men's faces on the basis of their work and divide them into four groups, namely high testosterone and high cortisol, high testosterone and low-cortisol, low testosterone and high cortisol, low testosterone and low cortisol.
In each group, all photos are mixed to help create a single composite image. In this way, researchers hope to see what effect the combination of different levels of hormones that determine attractiveness.
The researchers also examined 43 photos heterosexual female students to see pictures of the men when they were in the fertile period or not. This allows the scientists to see the effect of female hormones and fertility associated with the perception of men.
As a result, when women in the fertile period, then people with low cortisol levels (type of cool guy) is considered as more attractive than men with high cortisol levels.
"We speculate that men with low cortisol have something that is desirable for women to get a sense of security. This could be a good example of good health or healthy response to stress," Moore said
The result is much more complicated when women are not in the fertile period. When not fertile, women see men with testosterone-cortisol levels as high or low testosterone, cortisol is more attractive than the male one element of which is higher than others.
"Men with testosterone and cortisol levels are high is a signal that men are dominant, while someone with testosterone and cortisol levels low is a person with good health," said Moore, who published his findings in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B .