Style with Tattoos

Let the most expressive style with the media and the exotic in the history of human life: body! Hold for a moment of pain when the needle pierced the skin, then be patient, for results in the form of beautiful pictures that we always carry the day, wherever we go. Tattoos then becomes an expression of pride and a great soul.

In Yogyakarta, tattoo demand since the 2000s and over time more and more devotees are young age. If it does not bring his own image design, tattoo studios have a stack of design. Just pick and move sure to space the tattoo.

Kala buzzing tattoo machine, not a matter easy for beginners to organize the liver. If in doubt or shaky, better off. The first thing that must be recognized is that tattooed obvious pain. Do not force yourself tattooed if the body is not fit, let alone come in a drunken state because of the influence of alcohol.

For this one thing, the tattoo artist (tattoo maker), and tattoo studios do not want to compromise. "Immediately we kick and we had this many times before," said Ajeng, Manager Toxictattoopark.

When in doubt, it's worth trying first temporary tattoo. Eternity Tattoo Parlor located in Mataram Ditch, Gejayan, the average daily arrival of four people who wanted her temporary tattoo.

"The temporary tattoo done most of the students, usually just trial and error. If it feels solid, they just come to ask for permanent tattoo," says Agung, a tattoo artist in Eternity, as he points out that age is only two-week temporary tattoos. Fainting

Tattoo artist is not only duty merajah body. Not infrequently they actually spend the time to calm agitated patients. Event-tattooing tattoos are also sometimes end up with a tattoo order cancellation. When the patient is already shaky, better home.

"A lot of funny stories. Some fainted when heard the buzzing tattoo machine. There was a shout. There is a next day the parents come to question why her son kok tattooed," said Arya Wicaksana, manager of Black Skin Deep Art.

Arya gladly explain the process of tattooing was really safe from the health side because the studio to apply stringent standards. For example a tattoo needle, a place to put the ink, and gloves worn a tattoo artist, only disposable.

Each studio set different rates. Toxic, for example, installing USD 4000 per square centimeter. Eternity USD 80,000 per design for a permanent tattoo and Rp 30,000 per temporary tattoo designs.

If there's an unfortunate side of the tattoo, according to her, it's because there is no local production of materials and goods. Tattoo ink, for example, still have to be imported from the United States and Japan.

Increasingly diverse types of tattoos. According to the Chairman of the Java Tattoo Club Sapto Rahardjo, or commonly addressed Athonk, another type of tattoo is much preferred the old school. This type of display of classic and trendy once some time ago, like a skull and roses.

"If in the future, it seems kind of tattoo to be preferred is a simple drawing, cartoon, and animation. It's not that scary anymore. In a few years, the type preferred can be repeated. However, people can also not so affected Yogyakarta trend, because the electoral picture tattoos are very personal, "said Athonk. The most important thing in the tattoo is people realize exactly the condition and the body's own ability. "Some who have complained to us because of his swollen then pascaditato was indeed allergic to needles," said Ajeng.

What about those who wish to remove a tattoo? Toxictattoopark provide services to remove permanent tattoos with laser technology. Within a month he receives about two people who wanted to remove tattoos. "Nursing pascapenghilangan tattoos, should be carefully and correctly. If not, it will appear colloid and body skin blackened," he said.

Whatever it is, the obvious tattoos are no longer attached to the crime. Tattoo slowly entering the world of fashion so that the wearer feel more stylish, trendy, and hanging out if the tattoo emblazoned on his body ... Moreover, if a rose tattoo picture as beautiful artist languishing in the bowels Nafa Urbach, suit-suittt ....

By Luke Adi Prasetya