Flower Tattoos

The art of tattooing has been around for many centuries. People belonging to diverse cultures all over the world have been decorating their bodies with this ancient symbolical art form. The people of countries like Japan, islands of the South of Pacific like Tahiti, Native Americans, etc. have been practicing this age old body art form for hundreds of years. The history of symbolical tattoos is deep rooted and very rich.

Earlier, tattoos were made by piercing the skin with sharp instruments dipped in permanent ink. Those tattoos were religious, tribal or flower tattoos. In recent times, there has been a lot of advancement in tattoo technology. High technology needles and machines are used to produce beautiful body art.

There are many kinds of tattoo designs and symbols. One usually gets a design that has personal value, some symbolical meaning or is a beautiful looking pattern. The most common tattoos are nature tattoos; among them, flower tattoos are very popular. Such nature and flower tattoos have even been documented in early history of man. In the earlier times, man used to worship nature and many of their gods and goddesses were representations of nature symbols. This reason has faded in importance with time. All the same, flower tattoos remind us that we are an intricate and beautiful part of nature.

Flower tattoos are seen more in women than in men. Delicate and intricate flower tattoo designs enhance the beauty of a woman's body. Women usually get them on their feet, arms, small of the back and shoulders. Flower tattoos can be very detailed with all the petals, leafs and tendrils carefully crafted on the body. Or they can be very simple with just the flower. Tattoos are the most personalized and permanent form of body art.

The most popularly tattooed flowers and flower tattoo meanings are:-
  • The Rose symbolizes passion, romance, love, youth and beauty.
  • The Daisy represents innocence and beauty.
  • The Sunflower is symbolical of the sun, splendor and glamor.
  • The Lotus universally represents emptiness, yearning and estranged love.
  • The Hibiscus is accepted as a symbol of delicate beauty the world over.
  • The Lily symbolizes purity of heart, virginal modesty, sweetness and beauty.
Flower tattoos will always be one of the most popular and natural representations of femininity, love and beauty.

Celtic flower tattoos

Celtic flower tattoos is one of the oldest tattoo designs and its origins can be traced back to the Celtic age. In spite of its ancient history, people are doing extensive research on Celtic flower tattoo designs. The Celtics are well known for their artistic capabilities. Most of their art works are characterized by complexity and intricate details. The Celtics are popular for their metalwork, stonework and weapon designing.

This complex artistic tendency is noticed even in the Celtic flower tattoo designs. Most of them consist of loops, intricate lines and spiral designs. The Celtics were a warrior race. Sometimes ferocious animals like lions and tigers are included in the Celtic flower tattoo designs. Moreover, most of Celtic flower tattoos are symbolic in nature. They very rarely have any flat blatant meaning. They are highly complex in nature and require a close scrutiny to understand their meaning.

Most of the Celtic flower tattoo designs have a lot of spiral vines, stems, leaves or twines arranged in an intertwined fashion. These spiral loops symbolize unending life, death and the cycle of rebirth. The loops appear to have no beginning or ending, signifying that mankind can never get out of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

To have the perfect Celtic flower tattoo it is very important to have a highly skilled and talented tattoo artist who will be able to make neat intricate lines. Celtic flower tattoo takes a lot of time to make. This is the reason why the one getting a Celtic flower tattoo done must have a lot of patience and also an ability to tolerate pain.

Some of the common flowers used in Celtic flower tattoo are ivy vines, clementine and rose. The intertwined floral branches symbolize the continuous communion of love and faith. They stand for the blending of the spiritual and physical worlds. It is this complexity which is the reason behind the popularity of Celtic flower tattoos. It is mysterious and leave people intrigued.

Oriental Flower Tattoos

Oriental flowers, better known as Asian flowers, play a key role when it comes to flower tattoo impressions on human body. The oriental flowers represent a wide variety of flower types and categories to choose from. Browse through Dgreetings.com for more information about oriental flower tattoos.

The oriental Asian flowers have not only gained prominence in flower shows and in spreading fragrance and beauty in our lives they are equally captivating as tattoo designs. Various Asian tattoo artists are specialists in Oriental flower tattoo making and you will be amazed to see the gorgeous effect and beauty of the oriental flower tattoos on your body or rather someone else's for display reasons.

The flowers like, orchids, Korean flowers, cherry blossoms, hyacinth, daisies and lilies paired up with Koi fish, etc. render an excellent effect and impression on the viewers. The oriental flower tattoos coming in exotic and colorful packages offer a real treat to the eyes and the ones who have the tattoos on their bodies feel proud to display them in public.

The flowers like hibiscus and lotus which are the hallmarks of Asian flowers and the bearers of Asian tradition are the best examples of oriental flower tattoos. The oriental flower tattoos of hibiscus and cherry blossom made on your hips and belly give a really attractive and noticeable effect.

While the effect of the roses on tattoos and designs is really impressive and the different colors reflect different aspects of human feelings and emotions. The pink or white roses signify friendship and tenderness while red rose tattoos signify love and passion. Feel the passion of love and affection as your oriental flower tattoo speaks for you.

Japanese Flower Meanings

In Japanese, the word Hanakotoba literally means "flower word". Along with other European traditions, the tradition of using symbolic flower meanings to express feelings entered the Japanese territory in about 1870. It went very well with the mysticism of far eastern countries like Japan. The use of different flower meanings for expression became widespread among the Japanese folk.

Japanese flower meanings are starkly different from European ones. These flower meanings go with the flowers available in Japan. Some flowers found in Japan also got their meanings in this tradition of speaking in the language of flowers. The meanings of Japanese flowers instantly appealed to the women folk as well as the noble men. They started speaking in the language of flowers.

One flower that has been incorporated among the Japanese flower meanings is pine. In Japanese, flower language, pine symbolizes eternity due to its evergreen nature. The Japanese excelled in the art of flower arrangement, like the Europeans. The art of flower arrangement in the Japanese language is known as "Ikebana", literally meaning to keep the flowers alive. There are different types of Japanese flower arrangement like Rikka, Shoka, Nageire, each capturing the unseen relation between nature and man.

With time, the use of Japanese flower meanings to express emotion have receded. Gone are the days when feelings of love, hatred, and friendship had to be shown secretly. People knowing the Japanese flower meanings have become rare. Even those who know it have stopped its use. Slowly, the art of using Japanese flower meanings in expressing feelings will become extinct. For more such exciting information on flower meanings, keep coming back to the Dgreetings.com pages.