Show off Tattoos Through Dress Style

If you ever watch the show Miami Ink or LA Ink, in a cable television network, your idea of a tattoo may be changed. Not only the man who carved a tattoo on his limbs, but also women. Tattoos are also no longer gives the impression sangar. In that event, the man or woman who wants a tattoo always asked, what is the underlying desire to make a tattoo, and why choose a particular image. From the side of the tattoo, you'll realize that the tattoo actually the work of an artist. Tattoos are art.

Since the tattoo is a statement or expression of self, often women choose clothes that allow him showing off those tattoos? Just look at Angelina Jolie (photo 1, left). No fewer than 13 tattoos already owns, including a tattoo on his left arm contains the longitudinal and latitudinal location of information from the birthplace of three adopted children and one biological child. In the back looks a prayer in Khmer as a tribute to her eldest son that the origin of Cambodia, Maddox. In cross tattoo behind her neck that read "Know Your Rights", while there is a tattoo on her lower back Bengal tiger shot in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the first picture also looks Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, wearing a dress that revealed her left body parts decorated with a tattoo that read "Be Present".

The neck seems to be a favorite location of the women who want to make a tattoo. Indeed, who is not passionate about the level witnessed smooth neck, and decorated with a unique tattoo? Rihanna and Victoria Beckham (photo 2), for example. If Rihanna select ranks of star tattoo, Beckham wrote a sentence in Hebrew which means, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine". Of course, by cutting short their hair, either Ri or Beck will easily show their tattoo. To whom it was addressed tattoos, hm ... guess myself.

Foot ladder, especially when decorated with a form of tattoos, as well as make it look beautiful. Easy to show it, as long as we do not wear trousers. Drew Barrymore has long been known to have a tattoo on his right calf that showed a picture element of the cross with flowers. So it is with Nicole Richie with a rosary tattoo around his left ankle (photo 3)

Incised Affairs tattoo on the chest, which for some celebrities might be considered sexy, actually has been avoided by Kat Von D, tattoo artist who appeared in both Miami Ink and LA Ink. Woman covered in tattoos all over her body said, would never put a tattoo on his chest. He did not want to give a chance to look at the chest of the opposite sex. "Eye contact is important for me, and have breasts alone is difficult. When we speak with others, and has a beautiful tattoo on the chest, (the tattoo) would direct his attention. But indeed, many women are looking very beautiful with a tattoo on his chest, "he said.

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Source: Glamour