Machine Tattoo or Acupuncture

According to people who have tattoos manually in [acupuncture] is very painful skin. But since found a tattoo machine, the pain can be reduced because the skin depth at the tattoo will be on control. Even with the engine, image and color of a tattoo can become very lively.

"Form of tattoo images can now be shaped in three dimensions. Medium color degradation, such as color changes to black and gray colors are perfect. It also makes more visible tattoos live, "

The dominant color first tattoo is always blue, the color is now very rich. Moreover, supported by the use of machines, color tattoo can be more varied and more subtle pengerjaanya. a permanent tattoo maker must have a soul and a strong mental art. If one bit, could not be removed like a painting canvas.

"To get a good mental, have sufficient experience, apart from that not all consumers can be tattooed for granted. Must see from the medical aspect as well, whether good client health or some sort of skin allergy, at least from the physicians. Even if all goes well, people who want a tattoo, should be enough sleep for eight hours before penatoan process. Drinking Vitamin C and not in a drunken state.

"Even if a client in a state of the flu, will not be accepted. I'll wait until healthy, "
people who want a tattoo should not be drunk. "When the tattooed while drunk, the blood will be a lot out of the skin.

Regarding the tariff price of a tattoo image, expensive or cheap depending on the large size of these tattoos. It was measured in the number of centimeter size.
"Was the complexity of an image is not counted. What is clear, 5x5 cm sized tattoo rate of about USD 125 thousand. And while the process is about ½ hour, "


For Indonesian people, tattoos are always associated with the crime. Especially with the Context History of Indonesia between 1983-1984, many were found dead 'freebooters' sprawling road that almost all of them tattooed. But slowly but surely, the image of tattoo little by little began to change.

actual tattoos can be enjoyed as part of an aesthetic high.
"It used to be home made tattoos and excessive use of people who melekukan crime at the time, finally making the tattoo itself is always considered a minus. Though part of the tattoo art, "
that now have different views on tattoos. Ugly picture of the tattoo can be erased by seeing it as the beauty of art. In addition, he said, drawing a tattoo past and present are also different. Starting from the coloring, the objects, refinement to the beauty, aesthetic tattoo nowadays much better than the tattoo first.

since the early 1990s, coinciding with the development of fashion, tattoos became part of fashion trends. This is evident when the current one started much like the tattoo. Avg they consider part of art tattoo, the tattoo is also a complement of accessories for young children. So a tattoo identical to the prison, in the view of society, began to fade slowly. Now the form of a tattoo can be seen from his artistic course.

"In addition to tattoos, people can appreciate his skin with beautiful pictures. IBHS dependent, the location of body parts which match each image should be adjusted by the body because of its aesthetic must be high.

People who come to him asking tattooed very diverse, although some have the motivation to follow the development of fashion or trend. Even he admits, there are some who make as a symbol of his family clan.

"Suppose a rose tattoo drawings in which in which one family and have drawn all the same. With the tattoo is hoped that all families know their derivatives. "

In fact, tattoos are now part to beautify himself to women, such tattoo eyebrows. Usually women who now felt his eyebrows thin or less good, it can be improved by way of tattooing.

Beautiful Permanent Tattoo Practical Temporary Tattoo

Many people who want to have a tattoo, but did not want or want the image forever changing. Temporary Tattoos (temporary tattoos) that are temporary can fulfill that desire.

"Actually existing temporary tattoo in Indonesia around the year 1985-1987. But it was very widespread in Bali. And the new 1990s or hectic year in 1998, this type of tattoo began endemic in Java, including Bandung, "

This tattoo is different from permanent tattoos will never be lost. Work system permanent tattoo, the ink is inserted into the skin through a needle. Moderate temporary tattoo ink that rely on the strength of paste on the skin, and age at most only sati months. However, permanent tattoo, "Outsider" has an advantage of three-dimensional color to an image becomes increasingly evident. While temporary tattoos have only one color (black) and generally have a picture firmly.

temporary tattoos has become a stylish alternative for those wanting to have a tattoo. Because in addition to age only a few days, this type of easy modified or created a new image.

that tattoo is practical because temporary easily lost and it becomes a choice of young school children even had a tattoo. In addition to drawing replaceable, making temporary tattoos does not hurt., The system is a system ngeblok drawing a picture, then polished ink.

since proliferation temporary tattoos, many young people who want stylish with tattoos. "With this tattoo, young children can also be stylish, even though the color temporary tattoos but there is only black color image replaceable. Even the entertainment is frequently used programs or during show time only, "temporary tattoos originated in India commonly used during wedding ceremonies.

"Even in Bali, which was only a temporary tattoo has a black color, there are other colors namely red, purple and blue although there are now in Bali and this trend could become more prevalent again,"

Consumer offensive tattoo, now with the tattoo designs that have a high art, the more people want in a tattoo. The more so since the existence of temporary tattoos, female consumers were increasingly balanced with the male. IBHS many from among the school children. "Now many women who want a tattoo, although only wear temporary tattoos," he explained.

currently has a temporary tattoo enthusiasts of all ages, ie, from children to people who loved many women dewasa.tapi temporary tattoo.

"But a permanent tattoo also has its own fans. Moreover, the tattoo has a tattoo of beauty tersendiri.Apalagi retains certain trends every few years, "

Step Care Tattoos:
• Three days after a tattoo, please return to check the results of a tattoo.

• Six hours after the tattoo, go to the dressing with warm water.

• Parts tattooed with a special handbody, one day two times (morning, afternoon) after a bath.

• Must not be taxable soaps, shampoo, sun for a week.

• During the tattoo is not dry, it is advisable to consume vitamin c for a week.

• After one week, the surface of the tattooed skin would itch, and do not carded / exfoliated so that satisfactory image results.

• The use of minimal handbody 1weeks one time.