Beautiful Feminine Women Tattoo Designs - what are your options?

Tattoo designs for women

The tattoo industry is now dominated by men. Today, many women and teenage girls who are interested in body art. One factor is the number of female celebrity tattoos. Other women feel inspired to get this. Tattooing is more mainstream than it ever was, and still many more men and women have designs inked in their skin every day. A number of famous tattoo designs that many women really like fairies, flowers, kanji characters, dolphins, butterflies, and so on.


If you are a woman considering a tattoo, you're probably thinking, what is the best choice. You probably have a few ideas, but are not sure if it really suits you. It is important not only something you like doing, but to choose something that represents your personality. Many people choose designs that have special meaning for them.


If you need some inspiration, here are some famous female tattoo choices.

Butterflies: These are probably the most popular choice for women. It can be very beautiful butterflies. You look beautiful no matter what color their wings, so you have many to choose from.

Flowers: Flower Of course, popular with women because they are often associated with femininity. Popular choices are roses, lilies, cherry flowers, and daisies. Flowers all the meanings, so choose one you represent.

Tribal Art: These plans are something that men and women to choose. Women usually have on their lower back. If you want one on your arm, your best bet is to go with a tribal design bracelet.

Heavenly Art: stars and shooting stars just some of the most popular tattoo for women. For a star of course symbolic meanings, and not to forget to give, they are very nice. Whether you want a simple shooting star or a cluster of small, shining like stars, your options are endless.


Fairies: Fairies are usually seen as a little girl cute and bright wings served with sticks. Tinkerbell, of course, is the most famous fairy tattoo, for the small creatures can be prepared in every way possible. Many female celebrities like Britney Spears has tattoos fairy.

Hearts: This is a symbol of love and a popular choice for women of all ages. You can get it for his heart, color, with color, leaving it out in a tattoo or more other elements such as a dagger, belt, or flower.

Dolphins: Dolphins are beautiful creatures that many people feel a connection. Even if they live in the sea, they are still mammals, and are considered very intelligent. Some say dolphins to symbolize rebirth and healing. A number of famous dolphin tattoo designs, you can choose from.

Dragonfly: Another creature that many women like to have a tattoo. Although insects, dragonflies are very popular and is considered beautiful. Some women choose to dragonfly tattoos easy to obtain because of the way they look, and any deeper meaning attached to them.

These are just some of the most popular tattoo choice for women! Hope you can find something to your personality radiates, while great on you!