The Hottest Designs

The hottest tattoo designs and locations for placement always seem to be changing just like hair styles and hemlines. We're going to share with you the hottest feminine tattoo designs and placement locations for today.

In the last ten years the whole tattoo world has been turned upside down. Tattoos are no longer just sought after by heavy metal rockers and bikers. Everyone today seems to be getting tattoos.

Tattoos have become especially popular with women. The right tattoo in the right location, women are finding, can really help to accentuate their femininity.

Keep in mind as you are considering different tattoos, each design type will carry a special meaning. Also, where you have the tattoo placed on the body will make a unique statement about you and the message you are trying to convey.

By far, the most popular feminine tattoos today are those placed in the lower back region. No longer considered a tramp stamp, the lower back tattoo is becoming very popular with a variety of design ideas. The lower back tattoo is a great way to accentuate and enhance the natural curves of the female body. Women are adorning this area with tattoo designs like that of hearts, stars, angels, fairies and flowers.

Another very popular area for having a feminine tattoo today is on the feet. Granted this is a more sensitive area and is recommended only if you have a high threshold for pain. But feet tattoos are becoming quite popular with playful designs like shooting stars or a trail of hearts.

Women looking for a little more suggestive feminine tattoo placement are going for small tattoos just below the bikini line on either their front side or back. Tattoo designs featuring cupid or hearts or favorite flowers are popular in these areas today. There are many different meanings for flower tattoos so you will want to research these before deciding. Some flowers like the daisy represent innocence. Lilies are for pure of heart. The lotus represents strength having emerged from a previous struggle. The cherry blossoms represent women's beauty and sexuality.

Tattoos placed on the inside of the wrist area have become popular for women. This as an area that can be easily concealed by clothing or a watch if need be. If left uncovered, then the whole world can see it when the wrist is turned up. Many women today are using this area to have tattoos done with a special saying or words that have a personal significance.

Finally, the upper back region for some women is an area where a tattoo of angel wings is becoming very popular. These are generally bigger tattoos that can be very detailed and ornate. Their appeal comes in that the top of the wings only show when a tank top is being worn, offering a hint or slight suggestion of what lies beneath the clothing. Of course, the whole angel wing tattoo and its grandeur will be revealed when looking at the bare back.